Attention iPoll Participants - Scam Alert!

The iPoll Support Team has received reports from various sources that an individual or a group of individuals are posing as iPoll and sending substantial checks in the mail along with a letter which includes the iPoll logo and contact information. Instructions in the letter direct recipients to cash the check, retain a portion of the funds for participating in a "mystery shopping" research project and to wire the remaining cash to a different account. Please be aware, iPoll is NOT the sponsor of these efforts; this is a scam intended to take your money.

Here is an example:
Check Amount:  $3,985.00
Contact Name: Daniel Strauss
Phone: (905) 598-5950

Again, this is a scam. Please do not send these individuals any money.

If you have further information about this scam, please forward any information you have to our iPoll Support Team. We have engaged legal authorities on this matter and we appreciate any additional information that may be helpful in resolving this issue.

Thank you,
The iPoll Support Team

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