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A Brief History of Christmas Cards

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Did you send out Christmas cards this year? If so, you’re certainly not alone (and if not… hey, it’s a busy season, we get it). According to the Greeting Card Association (and who should know better?) there are around 1.6 billion Christmas cards sold every year. That far outpaces Valentine’s Day with only 145 million cards sold. The first official post office in America was created in 1792, and as any schoolkid will tell you, original founding father Benjamin Franklin was our first official Postmaster General. Even though they were sending letters just after the Revolutionary War, it would take close to another hundred years before Christmas Cards were being made and sent in America. Here’s how it all unfolded:


A nice collection of Christmas cards for the year. Image Source: flickr user: Tony Alter

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Written by Rick B.

December 25th, 2015 at 10:14 am

Gaming Hacks Every Gamer Should Be Gaming With

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According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, the average gamer spends around 8 hours a week playing video games. That sounds a lot like a full workday. Of course, most gamers don’t go for eight hours straight. Still, that is a lot of time devoted to all that hand-eye coordination and sitting around. To make the most of those hours, there are some gaming hacks you should be embracing.


For the record, these are NOT the best chairs for gaming. Image Source: flickr user:Analea Styles

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Written by Rick B.

November 13th, 2015 at 8:39 pm

Mobile Army Monday: Share Your Opinion and Earn Easy Cash

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If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we all have a lot of opinions and, therefore, tend to disagree. Try counting up all the times you shared an opinion during the course of any given day. Such opinions can address everything from The Walking Dead season finale (amazing!) to mushrooms on your pizza (not a chance!). Some of us are more vocal about sharing those opinions. Thanks to the wonderful wide world of the Internet, we can now share every opinion about local restaurants, the latest comic book movie adaptation, or even which flavor potato chip is your favorite (crab seasoning!). Even more exciting, there is one amazing website that offers cash in exchange for your opinions: iPoll. You might not even have thought about some of these topics, but once iPoll poses the question, you can’t keep your opinion to yourself. Why should you? You can earn easy cash with every share!

Driverless Car

Google's driverless car making a test run around the track. Image Source: Flickr user Steve Jurvetson

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Written by Rick B.

March 30th, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Heartbleed Bug: We’ve Got Your Back

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If you follow internet trending (as you should) then two things might have caught your attention this week. First, it was Tax Day for America. Blah! Second, something called the Heartbleed Bug was making the rounds across cyberspace. In the flurry of news headlines about Heartbleed, one was obviously missing:

“iPoll Surveys Are Safe For Users”

That was certainly welcomed relief and it makes sense that it wouldn’t be the top of the new reports because it is essentially good news. You can’t lead with that. Instead, we were blasted with these kind of ominous reports:

“Heartbleed Is About To Get Worse, And It Will Slow The Internet To A Crawl” – Washington Post

“Attackers Could Use Heartbleed Chaos To Steal Enterprise Data” – Remondmag

“Heartbleed: 95% Of Detection Tools ‘Flawed’, Claim Researchers” – The Guardian

“Heartbleed Bug Sends Bandwidth Costs Skyrocketing” – Wired

My first reaction upon reading those headlines was to unplug everything and head to my Y2K bunker. Luckily, I still have a few cases of 1999 vintage Spam down there. Then I read the poster hanging in my bunker: “Keep Calm and Carry On Web Surfing.” So, I plugged back in and rebooted and that’s when I found that iPoll was safe. I could skip over all those other vulnerable sites, but I can’t miss out of my daily dose of iPoll. Upon hearing that news, we had a big “Whew” moment here at command central.

Various Spam Products

Resisting the urge to sing, "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam." Image Source: flickr user Luca Conti

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Written by lsozio

April 17th, 2014 at 8:06 pm

Everyday Survival 101: Important Skills To Learn

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The question of “What would you take to a deserted island?” is fun to muse over. One of the items I always list is a book called, “How To Survive On A Deserted Island.” Although it technically might not be an actual resource, it would help to have some basic survivor skills. I’m constantly amazed at the contestants who show up on the reality show Survivor without a clue of the basics, like how the make a fire. There are some contestants who show up wearing dresses and high heels. You’d think they’d never watched the show before. Here’s a tip: if you are picked for Survivor and the show sends you a ticket to a remote island, chances are the game is on and you should dress appropriately. As for those of us who will never make it to a deserted island, there are still some everyday survival skills we should learn. How many of these skills are you proficient with?

•    Change A Tire

Full disclosure: I have AAA. I wouldn’t leave home without it, and yes, I probably would call them in the event that I find myself with a flat tire. However, I’d feel really guilty when I do. At the very least, one should know where their spare is located, how to get the flat removed, and the spare put on. By the way, it’s also helpful to  know how to jumpstart your car or anyone else’s car. At the very least, know where your jumper cables are.


Wrecked Tire

Worst flat tire ever. Image Source: Flickr user The Tire Zoo

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Written by Rick B.

March 14th, 2014 at 12:00 am

Best Resolutions You Can Make for 2014

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If you’re a gym owner, then your happiest time of year is January. That’s because millions of folks sign up for gym memberships they have no intention of using. Strike that. They do have the “intention,” they just end up not going after a few weeks. Such is the cycle of New Year’s resolutions. With the dropping of the crystal ball in Times Square, we all have the opportunity to look back and look forward. The looking back part consists of examining the areas in our lives that can use improvements. The looking forward part is those resolutions to do better. Here are some of the best resolutions we can make for 2014.


Skydiving In Belize

Free falling for the New Year. Why not? Image Source:

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Written by Rick B.

December 27th, 2013 at 5:45 pm

iPoll Round Up: The Hits and Misses of 2013 TV

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As part of iPoll’s end of the year round up, we obviously need to look back at the hits and misses from the wide world of television. Technically, the networks run a season from September to May. Nowadays, the Nielsen ratings folks include what they call Live-plus-7. This takes into account the fact that most of us watch our favorite TV shows within a week of their original airdate. Personally, I love to binge watch me some Downton Abbey. Let’s get the top 10 of the 2012-2013 season out of the way:

1.    NCIS 21.6 million
2.   SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL 21.0 million
3.   THE BIG BANG THEORY 19.0 million
4.   NCIS: LOS ANGELES 17.5 million
5.   PERSON OF INTEREST 16.2 million
6.   AMERICAN IDOL (Wednesday) 15.1 million
7.   DANCING WITH THE STARS 15.0 million
8.   AMERICAN IDOL (Thursday) 14.8 million
9.   THE VOICE 14.4 million
10. THE WALKING DEAD 14.3 million

To sum up; we like to watch people solve crimes, play football, sing, dance, geek out and kill zombies. As for the new fall season, here are hits and misses:


Cast of The Walking Dead

Getting ready to take down some zombies. Image Source:

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Written by Rick B.

December 25th, 2013 at 8:43 am

Fun Facts About It’s A Wonderful Life

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Have you seen It’s A Wonderful Life yet this year? For many folks, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without an annual viewing. Whether you have it playing in the background of your Christmas party or snuggle up with a loved one for a focused viewing, it remains a holiday classic. It also consistently ranks as one of the best films ever made. Not bad for a movie based on a greeting card. Yes, writer Philip Van Doren Stern sent out the short story The Greatest Gift as a Christmas card to his friends. One of those lucky recipients was director Frank Capra who said, “This is the story I’ve been looking for all my life.” Filming got underway in 1946 for a 1947 release. However, there is a lot more to the story. Herewith, are the fun facts about It’s A Wonderful Life that you can impress your friends with at the next viewing!

Outside the Granville House

Lasso the moon. You know you want to. Image Source:

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Written by Rick B.

December 20th, 2013 at 8:18 pm

iPoll Offers Black Friday Shopping Tips

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As any junior accountant will tell you, to be “in the black” is to be profitable. Thus, “Black Friday” is the day when retail stores begin to make some serious bank. Despite the Christmas lights going up at Costco in August, the day after Thanksgiving is the official start of the Christmas shopping season. As it turns out, it has always been this way. The term “Black Friday” was coined by the taxi and bus drivers in Philly as far back as 1961. Back then, those cabbies and drivers were freaking out because of all the added traffic. It really didn’t have anything to do with camping outside a store. Believe it or not, those stores had regular hours. This spending the night on the sidewalk only started within the last several years with the introduction of “door buster” deals to entice shoppers. They really do bring out the best in humanity, don’t they? (snark intended). If you want to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping pay heed to these insightful tips from iPoll:


Target, Black Friday

Note: There is no gold inside. Image from flickr

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Written by Rick B.

November 22nd, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Helpful Hints: Where is my survey?

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Hello iPoll Army,

We’ve been listening intently to your questions and concerns since our launch. We know that getting credited for missions is at the top of your list. This week, we’d like to pull back the curtain on the survey process.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Where is my survey?”

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Written by Tady

November 4th, 2013 at 7:18 pm