Visit Seattle, The City Of Flying Fish And Coffee History

The first group of Seattle settlers showed up around 1851. These folks made a long trek to get here and probably had a lot of things on their mind. That’s why they called the first townsite New York. Okay, not very original. However, once they got the lay of the land, cooler heads prevailed and named the city Seattle, after the Duwamish Indian leader, Sealth, who took a liking to these new kids on the block. Long before the grunge music revolution, Seattle’s main export was lumber. Today, Seattle is proud to be the home of Boeing and Microsoft. The population of the town hovers around half a million, meaning you’re never going to feel too crowded like you would in the original New York. Seattle is officially the “City of Goodwill.” You’ll find plenty of that on your visit.


Pike Place Market

Go to meet, eat, drink and catch a fish. Image Source:

Coffee and Fish

Every beloved brand has an origin story. For lovers of Starbucks, that story began in Seattle. More specifically Pike Place Market in 1971. That original branch is still there dispensing java to the multitudes. After getting your morning jolt, you’ll be perfectly positioned to take in the rest of Pike Place Market. Just make sure you bring your appetite. Pike Place boosts over 50 specialty “food purveyors.” We’re talking the best wursts (see what I did there?) at the Bavarian Market, amazing fresh mozzarella at DeLaurenti’s and of course the flying fish from Pure Food Fish Market. Here they are proud to boost that most of the fish you buy will be just hours out of the ocean. Plus you get to see those fishmonger dudes toss fish around like footballs.

To The Needle And Beyond

Every town has that one spot you’ve just got to go. In Seattle, that would be the Space Needle. The Needle was built as part of the 1962 World’s Fair and for many years was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. The observation deck takes you 520 feet straight up for a panoramic view like no other. If you’re feeling peckish, you could grab a bit to eat at the SkyCity Restaurant. Good food, and those great views. If you feel the need for flight, you can get special permission to base jump off the Needle. It has only been done six times with two of those times being illegal jumps.


Seattle Hot Spot

The Needle is calling you. Image Source:

Art Is Easy

Okay, making the art might not be easy but seeing the art in Seattle sure is. The town is just bursting with all kinds of museums from the downtown galleries to maritime centers to The Burke Museum that is the oldest museum in the city (1885). There is also the Seattle music scene to take in which offers plenty of sounds to appeal to everyone. Remember this is where Nirvana and Pearl Jam got their starts. Pretty cool, dude.

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January 8th, 2014 at 8:56 pm

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