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Hollywood was the first to show us what Smartphone technology could look like. This started with Maxwell Smart’s famous Shoephone. No matter where Max was he could kick off his heals and call up the Chief. This being the 60s, his loafer was a rotary dial. Around this same time we were shown Star Trek communicators with the flip top opening. This became a precursor for modern phone designs still used today. As history tells us, the first actual cell phone call was placed in 1973 in New York during a test of the technology. It would take another twenty years before cell phones became readily available.

Most of us remember Gordon Gecko talking on his “brick of a cell phone” back in 1987. Today, the majority of cell phones have evolved into Smartphones and apparently there is no limit to what these phones can do. Top of the list of smart Smartphone apps would be earning cash from online surveys. If you see someone taking an online survey with their iPhone its a good bet they’re part of the iPoll Mobile Army! What else can you do with your Smartphone? The sky really is the limit!

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Watch TV on Your Smartphone

Taking pictures and video with a Smartphone has become standard. If only there were iPhones around during the Roswell UFO Incident we might have had definitive proof of alien visitors. You can bet if it happens again there will be cell phone pictures! Thanks to Hulu, Netflix, DirectTV and Dish we can watch TV and movies on our phones. Somehow watching a big blockbuster like The Wolverine 2 on your phone feels a bit claustrophobic but for passing the time at airports or in the backseat of a car on a long road trip nothing beats a little hand held TV viewing. If you want to make sure your favorite show is waiting for you back at home most DVR services allow you to program from your phone.

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Measure Stuff

Yes we can make notes, store contacts, carry around our music and pretend to snap bubble wrap on our Smartphones. Did you know you can also measure things with your Smartphone? There are many apps that use the phone’s camera to determine distance, height and width. Check out the Dot Measure Pro, Smart Measure Pro and Point and Measure apps. You can also use your Smartphone as a level, to pick out paint colors and to make a floor plan for your next extreme home makeover project.

Boost Your Business

As you stroll around your next big flea or farmer’s market you might notice some savvy business owners with card swipe attachments to their iPhones. This is allowing them to make instant credit card sales without the need for being hardwired into a network. This is the kind of technology that could revolutionize the corner lemonade stand. If you have your own yard sale business you could boost your sales with a swipe or two.

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Game Playing and Money Making

Businesses are recognizing the power of Smartphone technology and are finding ways to pull in more traffic by developing their own games. Recently pizza giant Dominos launched their own version of an Smartphone game that lets you become a master pizza maker. You also get to order pizza direct from the phone without making a call! As for making money online, iPoll is leading the pack by providing you with the opportunity to take online surveys anywhere and anytime. Once you’ve downloaded the iPoll app you can fill out surveys to earn cash while waiting in line at the bank (did that), waiting for your car to be washed (did that) and waiting for the movie to start (did that). Actually, the movie I was was waiting for was actually paid for with my iPoll cash. I love it when a plan comes together. Where have you taken an iPoll survey?

Written by Rick B.

July 8th, 2013 at 8:14 pm

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