Mobile Army Monday: Convert Free Time Into Online Survey Rewards

As every school kid will tell you, there are 24 hours in the day, seven days in a week and 365 days in a year. Just because we have all that time doesn’t mean we are using it effectively. There is an entire industry built around time management as in “making the most of your day.” These professional time experts can swoop into your life and tell you all about scheduling interruptions, using do not disturb signs and turning off the internet. DON’T DO THAT! The simple fact is we either have a lot of time on our hands or don’t have enough hours in the day. One thing is for sure, you could be making money in your spare time by answering iPoll survey questions. Outside of work and family time making money with online surveys really is the best use of your time.

Daily Average Time Use

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How Time Flies

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics this is how we spend our day by the hours:

8.8 hours for working and work-related activities

7.6 hours for sleeping

2.5 hours for leisure and sports

1.7 hours for other

1.2 hours for caring for others

1.1. hours for eating and drinking

1.1 hours for household activities

Clearly, there is a lot of wiggle room. For instance, when it comes to watching television, the average viewer spends up to five hours every day in front of the boob tube. Obviously, that might cut into our sleeping and “caring for others” times but if it is a new episode of Dexter or Breaking Bad you can justify that time. Naturally, some time sucks aren’t as productive as watching good TV.

Watching TV

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Time Is A Wasting

A couple of creative folks have turned to jellybeans to illustrate how much time we have in our life. When watching this fun video all I could think about was how many jelly beans I could stuff in my mouth at once (the answer is a lot). Here are a couple of other fun time facts about how much time we spend over the course of an average lifetime that should have you rethinking every single aspect of your life (well, maybe not):

•    Time spent waiting at a red light: 6 months
•    Time spent shaving legs: 72 days
•    Time spent in the bathroom: 568 days
•    Time spent laughing: 115 days
•    Time spent laying awake waiting to fall asleep: 7 years
•    Time spent on hold during telephone calls: 20 weeks

Airport Line

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What You Do In Line

By some estimates we spend up to five years waiting in line. For many, having a iPhone handy is a great way to kill that time. Now, you can make money while you wait with iPhone online surveys. The app you need is iPoll. The surveys are all about what you use, buy, watch and do. In other words, the same questions your friends ask you every day. The only difference is that with iPoll you can make money taking online surveys. That money can then be converted into charity donations, gift cards or cold hard cash. Bottom line: You never have to waste time again when you’ve got iPoll.

Written by Rick B.

July 15th, 2013 at 9:09 pm

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  1. We know people surfing in the internet doing unnecessary stuffs. But is a big help for those unproductive people facing their PC’s. Earning money by taking surveys is productive!

    Metz M.

    16 Jul 13 at 9:47 am

  2. Exactly. Good point. How are you doing with your surveys?

    Rick B.

    16 Jul 13 at 5:45 pm

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