Mobile Army Monday: How Will You Spend Your iPhone Survey Cash?

There are few things in this life that are as rewarding as actual rewards. This is especially true for online survey rewards. One day you’re out there surfing the web, looking to kill some time in between the drudgery of work, and you stumble upon iPoll. With a few clicks you’re signed up to take online surveys. Download the iPoll apps on your iPhone and iPad, join the mobile army and you can truly embrace our slogan of “Rewards. Anywhere. Anytime.” Good news for today’s transmission is that it’s all about the variety of survey rewards to pick from and how to spend all your iPoll cash. Get comfy because this could take a while.

Classic Magazine Newsstand

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Brush Up On Your Reading

In the wide world of magazines, the first recorded publication of this type of periodical goes back to 1731, London. That’s when The Gentleman’s Magazine hit the newsstands before there were even any newsstands. It was editor Edward Cave who first coined the term magazine which he ripped off from military jargon that means a “storehouse of varied material.” That fits. Since then thousands of magazines have come and gone. Ask today’s publishers and they’ll tell you that the traditional magazine model could be fading away. Replacing the traditional format would be the virtual mags you can download on your iPads. Big fan of that. As for cashing in your iPoll survey rewards, you’ve got plenty of magazine subscriptions to pick from. Here’s a taste:

•    Latina Magazine
•    W Magazine
•    Fast Company Magazine
•    Golf Digest Magazine
•    Allure Magazine
•    Outside Magazine
•    Cigar Aficionado Magazine
•    Shape Magazine
•    Wine Spectator Magazine
•    Forbes Magazine

That’s a lot of reading that can be delivered to your doorstep both the literal and cyber doorstep.

Gift Card Options

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Surveys Equal Gift Cards

As gift giving goes gift cards are great. Alliterations aside, the gift card business has exploded in the past couple of years. In fact, they’ve become the most requested holiday present. Why not? Instead of figuring out the perfect gift all you have to do is give the perfect gift card and let your recipient figure out what they want. No stress there. Gift cards are also being used to entice students to get good grades and for folks to turn in their firearms. Of course, the gift card is also a decent present to reward yourself with. Here at iPoll you’ve got plenty of gift cards to pick from in a wide range of dominations:

•    CVS Gift Certificate
•    GameStop Gift Card
•    Domino’s Pizza Gift Certificate
•    Groupon eGift Card
•    Best Buy Gift Card
•    Sears eGift Card
•    JC Penny e-gift card
•    Kmart eGift Card
•    Amazon
•    Starbucks

Pick your cards right and you could be eating pizza while drinking a Frappuccino while shopping on line all thanks to iPoll survey rewards. Sweet.

Cake Made Out of Cash

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Cash Rewards As Cash Rewards

There is a movement afoot to do away with the penny. For some folks, that one-cent piece just gets in the way. Not sure what the “way” is in this case but as movements go it’s pretty legit. Actually, there could be a time in the not too far off future when paper money will become a thing of the past. Instead, we could be exclusively using debit cards. You can practice for that future with a payout to a PayPal account or to a Prepaid Visa.How you use those payouts is totally up to you. I’ve got my eye on a wall-mounted aquarium which is a whole new definition of cool.

There are plenty of other reward options for spending your iPoll survey bucks. Bottom line: You keep answering surveys and you’ll be rolling in rewards.

Written by Rick B.

June 24th, 2013 at 9:18 pm

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